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Python Asynchronous Programming Handson Solutions TCS Fresco Play

Python Asynchronous Programming Handson Solutions TCS Fresco Play

Disclaimer: The primary purpose of providing this solution is to assist and support anyone who are unable to complete these courses due to a technical issue or a lack of expertise. This website's information or data are solely for the purpose of knowledge and education.

Make an effort to understand these solutions and apply them to your Hands-On difficulties.

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Course Path: Data Science/DATA SCIENTIST'S TOOLBOX/Python Asynchronous Programming

1.asyncio - Threads (Hands-On - Multithreading)


import threading


def square_it(n):

    sq = n*n



def do_it(a,b):

    a = threading.Thread(target = square_it,args=(a,))

    b = threading.Thread(target = square_it,args=(b,))



2.asyncio - multiprocessing  (Hands-On - Multiprocessing)


import multiprocessing


def calc_it(start, end):

    s = 0

    for i in range(start,end+1):

        s = s+i

    return s 


def do_it(n):

    s1 = 0

    i = 0

    while i<=n:

       s1 = s1 + i

       i = i + 1

    return s1

3.asyncio - Basic asyncio program   (Hands-On - asyncio coroutines)


import asyncio


async def question():

    print("Is asyncio better for IO bound programs than the CPU bound ones?")

    await asyncio.gather(answer())

    print("Is async a keyword in the latest Python3?")

    await asyncio.gather(answer())

    print("Is event loop the heart of an asyncio program?")

    await asyncio.gather(answer())

async def answer():

    print("Yes, it is!")