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Must Know in D3js MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

Must Know in D3js | MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play

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1. What is the full form on D3? - 

Data driven documents

2. What are the prerequisites to learn D3? - 

HTML, CSS, Javascript

3. D3 is used to create ________? - 


4. D3 is developed by ________ - 

Mike Bostock

5. What does SVG stand for? - 

Scalable Vector graphics

6. What is the syntax to draw a line in D3 - 

svg.append("line").attr("x1", 0).attr("y1", 200).attr("x2", 100).attr("y2", 100);

7. _______is or are the main selection in D3 - A


8. _______is the syntax to read JSON data - 


9. ______ scale creates linear scale in D3 - 


10. _______is the correct syntax to generate the simplest D3 js Axis - 

var xAxis= d3.scale.axis();

11. What is the correct syntax to draw a circle in D3 - 

svg.append("circle").attr("cx", 200).attr("y", 150).attr("r", 50);

12. Which of these methods help alter zoom modes in d3 js? - 


13. When trying to select a non existent dom element what is returned by d3? - 

Null array

14. Which is best way to create stacked chart in D3 js? - 


15. var scale = d3.scaleLinear() .domain([100, 500]) .range([10, 350]); What will be the output of scale(300)? - 


16. Which of the following command is comparator function that is used for a natural order? - 


17. Which method is used for adding tooltips? - 


18. What does the following code do ?'body').append("p").attr("id", “para”) - 

Appends a “p” element to body and assigns an id “para” to newly created p element

19. Which is the correct way to use XML file for D3 ? - 


20. Which of the following method can be used to move selected element before other? -  


21. Which is not a slider available in d3.js? - 

Slider with mid value

22. Which of the following attribute is being used to put the pen down at (10,25) in SVG? -

M 10 25

23. var dataset = [ 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 ]; What will be output of d3.extent(data)? - 

Wrong([5, 25])


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