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T-Factor Bigger Better MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play

T-Factor Bigger Better MCQ solution | TCS Fresco Play | Fresco Play

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1. User A is now held at T-factor 2.99/10. User A took two advanced level courses having hands-on with high credits in the core category. Why is user A's T-factor still not increased?

>>User A is held at 2.99. If user A clears the milestone challenge, the T-factor will get computed along with the recent completion.

2. I forgot my refreshed T-factor value and completed a couple of hands-on based courses in my core category. How will I know if my T-factor is computed?

>>The T-factor will be recomputed after every course completion within 10 minutes. Please check your "T-factor last computed" on your profile page.

3. User ABC has scored a refreshed T-factor of 5. What should user ABC take up further to improve the T-factor?

>>All the options

4. What will be the duration to complete the milestone challenge?

>>Based on the milestone (1.99, 2.99 and so on) being approached

5. What could be the best possible reason for the “Milestone Challenge” link not getting enabled?

>>All the options

6. My T-factor is 0.98/10. Am I eligible to take the milestone challenge?

>>No, associates who have obtained a T-factor greater than or equal to 1.99/10 are only eligible

7. User X had attempted the milestone challenge every 30 days but was unable to clear it. Will this affect X’s refreshed T-factor?

>>No, the T-factor will not get impacted by the number of milestone challenge attempts. It will remain held (1.99 or 2.99 and so on)

8. Associate ABC’s refreshed T-factor is 0.53/10. The associate has completed a couple of low credit courses, but there is no increase in the T-factor. Why?

>>The T-factor will be recomputed for all the completed courses within 10 minutes. It has not increased as the courses were low credited, with no hands-on.

9. Associate XYZ had a T-factor of 2.09 on a scale of 3. Post refresh, XYZ's T-factor has been reduced to 1.99 on a scale of 10, while the message says 21.74% increase. Why is it not increased to 21.74%, as mentioned?

>>User XYZ is held at 1.99. If XYZ clears the milestone challenge, the user will gain a 21.74% increase (2.54/10).

10. User Z's refreshed T-factor in the Profile page is 0.47/10. But, summing up all the category wise T-factors gives a total of 1.51/10. Why is there a difference?

>>The total T-factor should be equal to the category wise T-factor

11. Can we take the milestone challenge as a team?

>>No, milestone challenge is for individuals. Associates have to adhere to the code of conduct and give their best.

12. What will be the question pattern in milestone challenge?

a. Multiple Choice Questions

b. Fill up the blanks

c. Coding in Hacker rank based on scenario given.

>>only c

13. My T-factor is 1.2/3. Will my refreshed T-factor increase to 3.8 if the base scale is changed to 10?

>>No, individual T-factors will not scale up proportionally to the base T-factor.

14. I have a question regarding a Milestone Challenge, which is not listed in Fresco Play -> Help -> Milestone Challenge. Whom should I write to?

>>Competency Development Manager (CDM)

15. My major contribution to the T-factor increase is through certifications. How will I get questioned now?

>>You will be questioned from the next top category having hands-on.


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