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TCS ILP Training Material | Process : Data privacy - English WBT | TCS iEvolve Course ID: 64091

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TCS ILP Training Material | Process : Data privacy - English WBT | TCS iEvolve Course ID: 64091

1. For troubleshooting , another vendor (customer's vendor or a 3rd party like storage/network team) requires a log/dump to be provided to them. You should

3. Secure your client's consent for sharing the file if that file contains PI or share it after removing the PI.

2. Which of the following is true:

4.All of the above.

3. An employee of your customer needs a report which contains personal information of data subjects in his/her department. What should you do?

4. Share it with him/her only after ensuring that the requestor is authorized to receive the information and encrypt/password protecting the file.

4. _________ is a concept intended to anticipate, build and manage privacy during the entire life cycle of a software system, right from inception to retirement.

2. Privacy by Design (PbD)

5. I want to run a survey across my team so as to gather their preferences on working hours. What should I do?

1. Reach out to your unit/function Business Privacy Lead and to your unit/function's HR

6. Which of the following is NOT considered as sensitive Personal Information (SPI)?

4. Gender

7. Data Privacy is a matter of _______

2. human dignity and personal liberty

8.What constitutes Personal Information (PI) in all jurisdictions ?

1. Information related to any individual or natural person

9. Select the correct statement:

2. Keep minimal information for the approved period in approved locations

10.You were working on something on your system, when you received an email to fill an excel sheet to nominate for a sports event. You noticed in the excel that many of your team members and your managers have nominated. What will you do ?

4. You will delete mail from your inbox and raise an incident in IMT

11.Which of the following is not a principle under Data Privacy ?

1. Transparency

12.Which of the following is an example of Personal Information (PI) processing in TCS ?

4. All of the above

13.Select the correct statement about Personal Information (PI)

1. PI includes sensitive as well as non-sensitive PI of an individual

14.I get emails from unknown sources in my TCS email box which consist of contact details of various individuals , what should I do ?

1. Raise a privacy incident in IMT

15.Which among the following is correct is relation to PI,SPI,PFI and PHI ?

4. SPI, PFI and PHI are always a subset PI

16.Which of the following is not considered as processing of personal information ?

4. All are considered as processing

17.Were would you generally find detailed roles and responsibilities of privacy office , officers in it and other stakeholders ?

1. Privacy Requirements and Procedures Manual iQMS 

18.Select the right options:

3. Every organization is data controller

19.What is more important - data security or data privacy or data utility?

4. All of them

20.Mr. John has given the responsibility of taking care of his tax filling to a CA firm ABC. The firm ABC will prepare and process John's income and taxes as per the procedure define by the taxation authority. ABC is a: 

2. Data controller

21.Which of the following is not considered as processing of personal information ?

4. All are considered as processing

22.TCS is sponsoring a marathon organized by ABC Pvt. Ltd. and for the marathon TCS is nominating its employees for participation . Who is data controller for all of the data collected organize marathon.

2. ABC, since ABC is collecting data for marathon organized by it.

23.Data privacy is a/an ______

3. Fundamental/Personal right

24. A utilities organization  (water, electricity) engages a company, which operates call centers to provide many of its customer services functions on its behalf. The call center staff has access to various information of utilities organization, such as company's customer records for providing those services. But they may only use the information for specific purposes and in accordance with strict contractual arrangements . From the following options, select the statement that holds true.

1. The utilities company remains the data controller, while call center is the data processor 

25.While collecting any personal information, you must ________

3. Limit the amount and type of information gathered to what is necessary to your identified purpose