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Getting Started With Android MCQ solution | Course ID: 61401 | TCS Fresco Play

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1. In which of the following folders will you find the XML files that define the User Interface of the application?

1. Mipmap

2. Drawable

2. Layout

3. Values

Answers: 2. Layout

2. ___________ is the program that allows you to communicate with any Android device.

1. Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

2. SDK

3. Dalvik VM

Answers: 1.Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

3. SSL, libc, Graphics, SQLite, Webkit, Media, Surface Manger, and OpenGL are part of the __________.

1. Platform Libraries

2.Application Framework

3. Linux Kernel

Answers: 1. Platform Libraries

4. _________ converts Java byte code (.class) into Dalvik byte code (.dex).

1. Android Interpretive Compiler (AIC

2. DEX Compiler

3. Android RunTime (ART)

4. Dalvik Converter

Answers: 2. DEX Compiler

5. Which of the following layers in the Android architecture define the interface that exposes the device hardware capabilities to the higher-level Java API framework?

1. Core Java Library

2. Hardware Abstraction Layer

3. Linux Kernel

4. Dalvik VM

Answers: 2. Hardware Abstraction Layer

6. Select the color scheme you get by mixing different tones, shades, and tints within a specific hue.

1. Triadic

2. Complimentary

3. Analogous

4. Monochromatic

Answers: 4. Monochromatic

7.Android is a Linux-based operating system.

1. True

2. False

Answers: 1. True

8.Display drivers, camera drivers, Bluetooth drivers, audio drivers, and memory drivers are part of the ___________.

1.Linux Kernel

2.Platform libraries

3.Android Runtime

Answers: 1. Linux Kernel

9.Which of the following acts as an abstraction layer between the hardware and the rest of the software stack?

1. ART

2. Dalvik VM

3. Linux Kernel

4.Hardware Abstraction Layer

Answers: 3. Linux Kernel

10. Which of the following statements match the libraries with their respective features?

1.C/C++ Libraries contain Java wrappers around them and do the actual work for the device

2.Java Libraries are built from the Java programming language and handle basic activities for strings and variables or networking and file manipulation

3.Android Libraries support the application framework and assist with building user interfaces, graphics, and accessing databases

4.All of the options

5.1 and 2 only

Answers: 4. All of the options

11.Which of the following components of the Android runtime is specially designed and optimized for Android to ensure that a device can run multiple instances efficiently?

1. Java Virtual Machine

2. Dalvik Virtual Machine

Answers: 2. Dalvik Virtual Machine

12.Which of the following tool displays information on the features installed on Android Studio?

1. AVD Manager

2. Android Device Monitor

3. SDK Manager

4.ADB Integration

Answers: 3. SDK Manager

13.The ___________ file contains information about the application, such as the Android version, access permissions, metadata, and so on.

1. AndroidManifest.xml

2. activity_main.xml


Answers: 1. AndroidManifest.xml

14.Which layer of the Android architecture supports the Application framework and assists with building UI, graphics, and accessing DB?

1.Android RunTime

2. Android Libraries

3.Hardware Abstraction Layer

4.Java API Framework

Answers: 2. Android Libraries

15.Libraries are exposed to the developers through the _______________.

1. Dalvik VM

2. Linux Kernel

3. Android Application Framework

4.Hardware Abstraction Layer

Answers: 3. Android Application Framework

16.Which of the following components replaced the Dalvik Virtual Machine to run applications?

1. Android Runtime

2. Content Providers

3. Java Virtual Machine

Answers: 1. Android Runtime