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64750 iEvolve | Cloud Computing - Generic Beginner iON LX SP Assessment MCQ solution

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64750 iEvolve course answer

64750 ievolve course 

64750 ievolve answer



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1. An Operational Risk Committee (ORC) should meet periodically to discuss the threat and compliance landscape.

2. What should an Operational Risk Committee (ORC) do?
Meet periodically to discuss the threat and compliance landscape.

3. Encryption in flight can _____.
often cause performance issues.

4. DES and RSA are examples of _____.
approaches to cloud encryption

5. What are Trend Micro SecureCloud and Trend Micro Deep Security examples of?
third-party security tools

6. What is true about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)?
It was set up in 2004 to reduce the risk of credit card theft and transfer liability to

7. The COSO framework is _____.
principle based, rather than rules based

8. In the context of security, what can automation accomplish?
Automation helps you reduce human error.

9. Understanding security architecture, controls, and stakeholder requirements is a part of
what process?

10. The cloud means a shift in thinking from product-centric to service-centric.

11. How does continuous integration work?
Developers use a shared repository with a version control system.

12. A new breed of SaaS architectures require a new operating model.

13. What happens when a company moves continuous deployment into production?
The operations automation processes kick in.

14. Which entity is the core foundation of DevOps that enables a flow of code?
continuous delivery

15. What is the primary goal for testing your code?
to reduce bugs

16. The larger value that continuous deployment brings is a tighter working relationship
between development, operations, and the end user.

17. What makes continuous deployment important?
It breaks down most of the barriers between development and the end user.

18. Your team is reviewing a logical DevOps process. Which side of DevOps involves

19. A key consideration of DevOps is to _____.
automate as much as you can

20. When implementing DevOps you should _____.
focus on training

21. Which layer of data refers to access information and enables you to perform analytics?

22. What is a characteristic of agility?
continuous deployment

23. You are considering what to do with the applications in your DevOps environment. Which advantage do you have today using the cloud versus the "old way"?
multitenancy and share resources

24. Which cloud provider offers CaaS and support Kubernetes?

25. You are responsible for the DevOps in your company, and are not sure which cloud
provider to choose. What should you consider?
You can use many cloud providers.

26. _____ is a DevOps framework for application lifecycle management and automation.
AWS OpsWorks

27. _____ is an example of a DevOps tool on Microsoft Azure.
Visual Studio

28. Cloud and DevOps can significantly improve how Enterprise IT services are delivered.

29. Which AWS product allows you to visualize and automate the different stages of your
software release cycle, as well as watch your code flow through the process?


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Just some samples are given here!

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