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Elevate Wings1 IT ITIS August 2023 Assessment & Latest Updates

As the Wings1 May 2023 Assessment results are eagerly awaited, it's time to gear up for the next cycle - Wings1 August 2023 Assessment. This blog will provide you with all the essential information you need to register for the August cycle and secure your seat for the in-person assessment. Let's dive right in!

Registration Details:

Seats for the August 2023 Assessment are limited, so it's crucial to register as early as possible. The registration closure date is 25th July 2023, 5 PM IST. To ensure you get the tracks you prefer, take the survey and complete your registration before the deadline.

Learning Completion Closure Date:

Learning prerequisites (Learning/Direct/Self Declaration of Competencies) must be completed in iEvolve for the tracks you wish to register in the survey. The learning completion closure date is 21st July 2023, 5 PM IST.

Core Programming Tracks:

Starting from this assessment cycle, competency declaration (assigned/self-declared) is mandatory for Core programming tracks like Java, Python, .Net, etc.

Unit Elective External Certification:

The closure date for unit elective external certification is 25th August 2023. Please note that the following certifications will be removed from the August cycle:
  • Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification (13036)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate Certification (14174)
  • Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certification (15288)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification (14187)

Eligibility for Proctored Assessment:

You will be eligible for the proctored assessment if you complete the learning prerequisites in iEvolve on or before 21st July 2023, 5 PM IST and meet the work performance criteria for the April 2023 appraisal cycle. The criteria include being in Appraisal Band A/B or having an Anniversary rating of 4/5 for associates who joined after April 2022.

Important Points for August 2023 Assessment:

  • The assessment will be conducted in-person (Physical proctoring) at your Depute Location (TCS office/TCS iON center). 
  • A valid TCS ID card is mandatory for entry into the assessment center. 
  • TCS laptop is required for assessments at TCS offices; associates reporting to TCS iON centers will be provided with a system. 
  • Register only for the tracks you intend to take, as seats are limited, and no-shows will be reported. 
  • You can choose any one track out of T7 and T9, and any 2 Core full stack tracks, any 1 Biz skill track, and any 1 Core Programming track. 
  • Do not register for tracks in which you already have a distinction. Innovator coding challenge track preference is applicable only if prerequisites are met, i.e., Pass/Distinction in Core full stack track from previous cycles. 


The Wings1 August 2023 Assessment cycle presents a great opportunity to showcase your skills and achieve new milestones in your professional journey. Register at the earliest to secure your seat and complete the necessary prerequisites to ensure eligibility for the proctored assessment. Best of luck on your assessment journey!