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69020 iEvolve | Growth and Transformation Awareness E0 WBT MCQ solution

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69020 ievolve course answer

69020 tcs ievolve course answer

69020 ievolve course answer

69020 tcs ievolve mcq answer

69020 tcs ievolve mcq solution

1) Growth & Transformation is intended for:

- Customer

2) G&T tagging of an opportunity happens in:

- Customer Relationship Management System

3) G&T Framework consists of: 

- (a) 4 Value Themes   

  (b) 48 Capabilities 

  (d) 3 Governance Levels 

4) Which one of the following Value Themes does the Capability 'Proof of Value demonstration' belong to?    

- Value Discovery 

5) G&T Guild Charter involves:

- (b) Building organization-level repository of G&T assets

  (c) Development of people capability on G&T

6) Guild is best defined as a: 

- Community of Practitioners 

7) The G&T Guild portal is accessible to: 

- Anyone in TCS with MS Teams access

8) As a TCS associate, how can you be a part of customer’s G&T journey?

- (a) Participate/Lead in Value Discovery

  (b) Participate in proposal construct (Value Proposition)

  (c) Be in the team to deliver G&T engagement and gain experience on business value delivery, IP and design-led solution, multi-services program, and perpetual innovation (Value Delivery)

  (d) Network with customer executives for testimonial and shaping new opportunities

9) Which of the following is/are example(s) of 'Growth play driven by thought leadership'?

- (a) Radical business model transformation  

  (c) Influence customer’s core business 

10) Which of the following is an example of Changing Operating Model?

- Enterprise Transformation

11) Which one of the following is not a Value Theme?

- Value Commitment

12) Each G&T capability is listed under which of the following?

- (b) One Value Theme  

  (c) One Functional Area    

13) G&T Guild consists of:

- (a) Functional Communities  

  (b) Governance Leads

  (c) Program Team

14) The mentors of each of the functional communities are typically:

- Members of the Steerco

15) Which one of these programs is directly focused on G&T capability development? 

- Wings 3

16) Which one of the following does the G&T Guild portal not contain?

- List of all G&T engagements

17) The research regarding a customer includes:

- Both (a) and (b)

18) Existing customers are unlikely to have G&T opportunities, hence we should focus primarily on new customers. 

- False

19) Architecting a solution for an identified potential business problem, includes:

- A combination of two or more of the above

20) Identifying potential skill, capability and competency requirements, is part of the role of the Solution Lead.

- True

21) Which among the following would be best suited to onboarding partners from the ecosystem during the shaping of the problem statement?

- (a) ATU

  (b) COIN™

  (c) Unit CTO

  (d) Innovation Champions/Evangelists

22) Consultative Selling refers to:

- A combination of (a) and (b)

23) Which of the following units/teams are directly involved in providing market research data to accounts and units based on specific requests?

- (b) Industry Advisory Groups

  (c)  Corporate Market Research Team

  (d) IRC

24) The Consultative Selling process starts when: 

- (b) A problem area is identified for an existing customer

  (c) A problem area is identified for a new customer

25) The Three Horizons of Purpose-led Growth are:

- (a) Build digital core

  (c) Transform and Grow around Purpose-led Ecosystem

  (d) Innovate business models

26) Our brand positioning focusses on:

- (a) Partnering customers over the long term

  (b) Leveraging its contextual knowledge

  (d) Investments in research and innovation technology

27) TCS PacePort™ is:

- An Innovation Hub

28) A solution delivery roadmap typically consists of:

- (a) Milestones

  (b) Deliverables

  (c) Dependencies

29) In a G&T engagement, which of the following are potential business values to the customer? 

- (a) Revenue growth

  (b) Productivity increase

  (d) Increase in customer base

30) To commit business value to the customer in the 'Value Proposition' cycle, which of the following should we consider?

- (a) Customer’s past performance

  (b) Market trend

  (d) Industry benchmark data

31) In a G&T engagement, the preferred contracting approach is: 

- Outcome-based contracting

32) Enterprise system for managing contract review workflow is:


33) What are the key constructs of a G&T 'Value Proposition' objective? 

- (a) Integrating the right set of products and capabilities in the solution

  (b) Committing expected business value to the customer

  (d) Arriving at a win-win contractual agreement with customer

34) You are a Client Partner working on a proposal for an engagement where customer expects a 5% increase in their overall sales after the completion of the engagement. What will be your value commitment? 

- Depends on TCS scope of work and ownership

35) In a G&T engagement, the focus is on:

- Both (a) and (b)

36) Which of the following information is relevant at the start of a G&T engagement?

- All of the above

37) A G&T engagement provides an opportunity for the creation of IP. This statement is:

- Most often true

38) While discussing the onboarding of partners in a G&T engagement, we highlighted some terms. What were they?

- (a) PacePort™

  (d) COIN™

39) During the ‘Value Delivery’ cycle of a G&T engagement, one customer stakeholder proposes a change in value commitment. As Program Head, what will be your stand?

- (a) Analyze the cost-benefit, discuss with the customer and reach a mutually agreed decision

40) The key discussion points during customer communication in a G&T engagement include:

- (a) Delivery progress and its alignment to business value commitments

  (b) Any change in business or engagement priority

  (c) TCS’s points-of-view in the context of engagement 

41) Why does the ‘Value Delivery' cycle in a G&T engagement need to adopt ‘Perpetual Transformation’?

- (a) To ensure the relevance of business value commitments

  (b) To capture the changes in business priorities and factor the same into solution design

  (c) To drive perpetual improvements

42) What are the key constructs of a G&T ‘Value Delivery’ objective?

- (a) Excelling in customer mindshare

  (b) Delivering business value

  (c) Delivering an innovative solution

  (d) Aligning to contractual commitments

43) Why is engagement-specific upskilling a necessity? 

- To address the skill gaps as per engagement’s skill requirements

44) A typical G&T engagement in a 'Value Delivery' cycle requires strategy and execution practices to manage multi-services program, IP & Design-led development and partner ecosystem. 

Is this statement true or false?

- True

45) In a G&T engagement, to continuously improve TCS’s brand positioning in the market, the team should focus on:

- Both (a) and (b)

46) Which among these are important reusable assets, generated by a G&T engagement?

- All the above options are correct

47) Which among these are important reusable assets, generated by a G&T engagement?

- All the above options are correct

48) You have completed an engagement. You want to publish the engagement case study as a G&T engagement. What do you need to ensure?

- (a) The customer can be cited for reference

  (b) The customer has agreed that this is a G&T engagement and has realized the expected benefits

49) What are the channels that can be used to amplify G&T stories?

- All the above options are correct

50) In TCS, the experts who helped solve a specific problem for the customer, resulting in benefits for customer’s business, are identified as:  

- Contextual Masters

51) Which of the following amplification strategies can ensure top-of-the-mind recall and recognition of TCS Capabilities in the G&T space?

- (c) Amplifying successful G&T stories, accompanied by customer testimonials explicitly highlighting the benefits delivered by TCS

  (d) Showcasing third party reports, such as, by leading analysts/surveys, that project TCS as a capable G&T partner

52) Which of the following are outcomes of Value Articulation in a G&T Engagement Cycle? 

- G&T story amplification, Solution productization, Showcasing gained expertise

53) How can we convince the customer to recognize us as a G&T Partner in their testimonials?

- By regularly demonstrating to the customer how each engagement milestone has delivered the expected benefits and customer concurring