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ServiceNow CAD- Certified Application Developer certificate Dumps Free part -1 || MNC Answers

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ServiceNow CAD- Certified Application Developer certificate Dumps Free part -1 || MNC Answers

Vendor: ServiceNow

Exam Code: CAD
Exam Name: Certified Application Developer - ServiceNow Training and Certification Exam
Certification(s): Certified Application Developer

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1. Script actions are triggered by events. -> True

2. UI Policies and Client Scripts are based on Views

3. If we change an inherited field name in form designer, where will it change?

a. Parent table

b. Child table

c. Base table

d. All

4. Script Include features (Ans. a, b)

a. Server side reusable javascript

b. library of functions in a single location

c. Client-side script

d. (Other option)

5. Why create custom applications. (Ans. a, b, c)

a. To replace outdated, inadequate, custom business applications and


b. To extend service delivery and management to all enterprise departments

c. To extend the value of service now

d. To give users every option available and any access

6. Service now is good fit for an application if (Ans. a, b, c)

a. Data can be modelled in a relational database

b. Require reporting capabilities

c. Can extend existing functionality through javascript

d. Requires access to propreiotary libraries that don’t require an API

7. In delegated development, admin grants non-administrators the ability to 

develop applications in global scope -> False

8. Not a studio feature (Ans. d)

a. Code search

b. Quick creation of scripts and files

c. Push to repository

d. Ability to merge branches

9. When to extend a table? (Ans. a, b, c)

a. A table exists with fields similar to what is needed

b. The scripts and workflow for existing table are useful for an application

c. You want to use the approval activities

d. You want to use the user-approval activity -> (don’t need task table for this 


10.What are not available if ‘can read’ is deselected? (Ans. a)

a. Can create, can update, can delete

b. Allow access to a table via web services

c. Allow configuration

d. All

11.Which option is not present when we are linking an application from the source control (git repository) (Ans. d)

a. URL

b. Username

c. Password

d. Application Name

12. If one authentication is done, no more authentications needed

a. True

b. False

13. Not a way to install an application -> (Ans. Copy from one instance to 


14.To see what reports, scripts, artifacts, will be in a published application? (Ans. b)

a. Enter the name of the application in global search field

b. Examine the application files related list in the application to be published

c. Open the artifact records individually to verify the value in the application 


d. Using update sets

15. Not available in form designer -> (Ans. Schema Map)

16. Web Services? -> (Ans. Web based methods allowing applications to 

connect to other software applications over a network)

17.Which returns true for a given role (x_user) and none for else -> (Ans. 


18. Mobile modules are created by default -> False

19. Incorrect datatype -> Date (Correct one is Date/Time)

20.Organize fields on a form by using Sections

21. Modified Client script APIs -> (GlideAjax, g_form, GlideDialogWindow)

22. g_scratchpad object exists in mobile platform? -> False

23. (Question not remembered)

a. query()

b. _query()

c. get()

d. all

24. In SOAP message, which syntax indicates a variable when the function is called

-> ${variable_name}

25.Table.none -> Admin and ITIL 

Table.* -> Admin 

Table.u_field_3 -> ITIL 

What ITIL can see?

(Ans. Field 3 only)

26.ACL searches go from most specific to most generic

27.Colour codes for debugging fields 

Red -> Failed

Blue -> Cached 

Grey -> Skipped

Green with check mark -> Passed (This one came)

28. Method used for sysID -> gs.getUserID()

29. Method used for application property -> gs.getProperty()

30. If delete option is unchecked, scripts from other application scopes not able to delete records

a. True

b. False

31.Business rules use these objects -> (Ans. glideSystem and glideRecord)

32. In async business rule, which object is not there? -> (Ans. Previous)

33.Workflow’s run time environment -> (Ans. Workflow Context)

34.Workflows need to be checked out before they can be edited?

a. True

b. False

35. gs.eventQueue() is used by -> (Ans. Email notifications and Script actions)

36.Workflows, Business rules and scripts can generate events

37.Email notifications and Script Actions are triggered by events (Ans. True)

38.Who can receive notifications?

a. Static recepients

b. Dynamic recepients

c. Non-SNOW users

d. All

39.Script Actions use the objects -> (Ans. Current, Event (parm 1, parm2))

40.Util Functions are the functions that can be called from other scripts

a. True

b. False

41.Service Now can import the data of file types?

a. Excel

b. CSV

c. REST, SOAP API data

d. All

42.REST Response can be either JSON or XML

43.Access fields from record producer using -> (Ans. producer.field_name)

44.REST API Explorer? -> (Ans. Creates endpoints, methods and variables 

used to send REST requests to service now instance)

45.Category won’t appear unless you added it into the mobile layout

a. True

b. False

46. If service now gets from user, service now is consumer (IMP)

47. If service now provides to user, service now is producer (IMP)

48.REST API question


b. PUT


d. GET

49. g_form.showFieldMsg() -> blue, below the field (IMP)

50. g_form.addErrorMessage() –> red, top (IMP)

51. g_form.addInfoMessage() – >blue, top (IMP)

52.Server-side scripts are more secure than client side scripts -> TRUE

53.To link application property to a module, what is the link type? -> (Ans. URL)

54. Message from SNOW -> Outbound (IMP)

55. Message to SNOW -> Inbound (IMP)

56.Record Producer performs actions when

a. Inserted

b. Deleted

c. Updated

d. Loaded

57.Task table is -> (Ans. Parent and Base table)

58.Base tables are -> (Ans. Task and cmdb)

59.Not a report -> (Ans. Chart)

60. Inbound Script Action objects -> (Ans. Current and email)

61.Can field watcher check 2 fields at once? -> False

62.Coding question - > (Ans. Self-Invoked)

63.Benefit of creating an application properties page for each application you 

develop? (Customization becomes easy and you can find all at one place)

64.Studio’s code search option searches for code in current applicationonly?

a. True

b. False

65.How does service now match inbound mail to existing records?

a. Record link

b. Subject line

c. Watermark

d. Sys_id

66.While creating new application files in scoped application, cross-scope is 

default to

a. Script Include

b. Table

c. Workflow

d. REST message

67.Not a feature of flow designer? (Ans. a, b, d)

a. Domain separation

b. Automated testing functionality

c. Consolidated design environment (Feature of Flow Designer)

d. Testing with rollback

68.True for application picker and application scope -> (Ans. Selecting 

application in the picker sets the application scope)

69.You are developing the MyApp application that has a table A. When the My App application is installed on an instance you want Table A’s records to be installed as part of the application. A’s records will be installed when?

a. A is active and extend Task

b. A not included System clone & execute

c. A has an automatic number counter for new records

d. All records are added to app record using create application files context 

menu item

70. Define the stages in an application development in the business process?

a. Business problem, outcomes, data input/output, stake holders, 

process steps

b. Business problem, outcomes, data input/output, stake holders, 

available licenses

c. Business problem, outcomes, available licenses, project schedule, 

database capacity

d. Business problem, outcomes, data input/output, available licenses, 

database capacity

71.One of the uses of Service Now REST API Explorer?

72.True regarding the application scope (Ans. a)

a. Developer can edit any application after selecting the correct scope

b. Application downloaded from the 3rd party service, application 

developer cannot have name collisions

c. All applications are automatically part of global scope

d. Developers can choose the prefix for a scope in the application 


73. In ACL, script field returns true by default if there is no script in script field?

a. True

b. False

74.Which of the following must a user have to access and use the document feed for a record?

a. Access the record to see the live-feed group

b. Read permissions on the comments fields

c. Write permissions on the comments fields

d. All

75.Application developers specify which service now page a user sees after 

submitting a new record using record producer UI. How is the page specified?

a. create application property

b. configure the page module

c. producer.redirect=”<URL>”

d. window.redirect=”<URL>”

76.Purpose of application scoping in creating application file is? (Ans. a, d)

a. provide controls

b. provide relationship between the artifacts in application

c. way of tracking

d. creating the namespace in scope

77. Importing applications from source control requires what roles? (Ans. c, d)

a. git_admin

b. source_control

c. admin

d. source_control_admin

78.Which report types can be created by right clicking on a column header in a tables list? (Ans. a, b)

a. Barchart

b. Pie chart

c. Histogram

d. Line

79. What are benefits of storing the majority of an ap plication? (Ans. b, c, d)

a. runs fast

b. only run when called

c. the script logic is hidden

d. changes to application logic made at single place

80.Which of the following is not a way for data to be entered into a service now application?

a. Service now list or form

b. Record producer

c. Custom UI page

d. Java package call to use created

81.App development in SNOW provides

a. Platform services

b. Cloud Infrastructure

c. Both a & b

d. Only 2

82.SNOW platform is specialized for building B2E applications

83. Is dependency tracking available in scoped apps

a. True

b. False

84.To publish apps in an app store, an instance must have a valid subscription as one of its resources -> True

85.Using update sets, can we access for modifications in SDLC Artifacts

a. True

b. False

86.A scoped UI Script library runs (Ans. c)

a. When called from other script

b. Automatically executes by default

c. On demand

d. All

87.Delegated development allows non-admin developers to create applications and access other applications. -> True

88.Developer permissions are

a. App-specific

b. Depends on any user

c. App specific and merely depends on admin

d. Only b & c

89.Each application should have a dedicated repository in GIT. -> False property is a

a. String

b. Numeric

c. Alpha numeric

d. Only a

91.How does the authorized user open the record document feed?

a. Context menu

b. Related link

c. Module

d. Social module

92.Which of the following is not true about reports? (Ans. a, b, c, d)

a. Reports are graphical representation of data

b. They are used by authorized users to report auditing records of a table

c. Can be explicitly run by authorized user

d. Can be scheduled and distributed via email

93.Can client scripts be used for both lists and forms? -> True

94.What is the UI supported by the tablet?

a. UI 16

b. UI 19

c. no UI required

d. Any UI version

95. Mobile UI consists of

a. App navigator

b. Favourites

c. Content frame

d. Only 1,2

96.Are column splits rendered in mobile view on desktop browser?

a. YES

b. NO

c. Always when configured

d. Can’t be determined

97. Is testing of applications possible in studio?

a. YES

b. No

98.During execution of scripts on mobile, which is added to UI policy form

a. Run scripts in UI type

b. UI config Field

c. Enabled UI_admin_config_mobile = true field

d. Global scoped -> run scripts in UI type

99. Is transform maps reusable? YES

100. Options in protection policy -> (Ans. None, Read-only and Protected)

101. Can more fields be debugged at Acces control – Field Level?

a. YES (using bug icon)

b. No

102. Which of the following report types supports multiple datasets? (Ans. a, c, d)

a. Bar

b. Pie

c. Boxline

d. Area

103. To avoid over-approving, flows that use approvals should only be set to

a. Run any times required

b. Once

c. Dynamically determined

d. None

104. Background color error messages?

a. RED


c. RED with white color words

d. Depends on artifacts

105. Object cannot be controlled by access controls?

a. Create

b. Delete

c. Update

d. Query

106. Using form designer, we can configure list layouts -> False

107. If we set glide.login.home system property to a page, all users who login to the system will be navigate to the same page -> True

108. If flash is applied, screen appears same on both desktop and mobile -> False

109. In record producer, (Ans. a, b, d)

a. Can create user interface

b. Everything will be in question type

c. Records will be submitted to sc_req_item table after submission

d. Use scripts to define behavior

110. Event registry is a table?

a. True

b. False

111. Not supported by the flow designer

a. Calling flow from subflow

b. Using metric base trigger to start flow

c. Delegated development

d. Test flow using run as feature

112. Not a way to install application

a. Service now share site

b. Using service now store

c. Import from source control

d. Copy form one instance to another

113. Flow designer – Spokes (remember)

114. Display business rules doesn’t have access to

a. Current

b. Previous

c. g_scratchpad

115. Client side and server-side component

a. GlideUser

b. GlideAjax

c. GlideSystem

d. GlideForm

116. Script includes can be

a. Read only

b. Protected

c. None

d. All

117. Scheduled script exection objects. -> (Ans. current and glide_system)

118. Unauthorized script access stops running scripts -> False

119. Apps can be directly published into SNOW store. -> False

120. How can web run scheduled script executions at the end of the month

(Ans. Set day to 31 automatically it executes at last date even month has 

less than 31 days)

121. Script includes and global business rules that allow applications in a different scope to call them.

(Ans. To call functions from another scope, you must specify the scope 

of the function)

122. When create new module is selected while creating a table how does that appear?

a. An empty home page

b. List of table records

c. A link to wiki describing instructions to develop new module

123. What are the objects used by Util Script Includes?

a. Glide System and Glide Record

b. Glide User and Glide Record

c. Glide System and current

d. Glide Record and Current

124. Which of the following can be achieved on extending table like TASK? (Ans. a, b, d)

a. Existing fields are used

b. Application logic of parent table is passed on to child table

c. All the parent table records are populated to child table

d. Repurpose the existing fields by modifying labels

125. Baseline Function of a private scoped table (Ans. a, b, c)

a. Records can be read by any table

b. Business rules can be applied to perform all 4 functions

c. Artifacts of table are available only to read

126. glide.login.home system property creates a home page or welcome page common to all the users of application.-> True

127. Which of the following can be achieved using Git? (Ans. a, b, c, d)

a. Pull or commit applications on Git

b. Use tags to fix a version of application on Git

c. Import application from Git

d. Commit local changes on to Git

128. Which of the following can be achieved using REST API Explorer?

a. SOAP Functions can be changed into REST methods

b. Provides sample code to write REST Requests

129. Field Watcher cannot be used for -> (Ans. Script Includes)

130. Protection policy can be enabled by

a. Protection_edit role

b. Enabling protection_policy System property

131. Most of the Application logic on server side is written in script includes 

because (Ans. a, c)

a. Few changes to application logic can be done at one place

b. Script includes on server run fast

c. Are hidden from user on Installation

132. Which of them is more useful – gs.hasrole() or g_user.hasrole() -> (Ans. 


133. How many application menus can be created for given application -> (Ans. 

as many)

134. Creating a table always create mobile module -> False

135. What is used to provide instructions to fill description in record producer -> 

(Ans. help link)

136. Annotations are added in forms to provide instructions -> True

137. How to access event properties in notifications? (Ans. event.{<property 


138. Except debug, all the others are enabled on server-side debugging (IMP)

139. How to redirect from record producer to other page -> (Ans. producer.url_redirect)

140. Order of evaluating ACL’s -> (Ans. Role, Condition, Script)

141. What all are considered in providing access to data -> (Ans. fields/record acess, role, condition, script)

142. If list of roles are not defined in list – deny permission

143. ACL returns true if condition is empty -> True

144. A view cannot be changed for unsaved records -> True

145. Scripts from other application scopes can never delete records from 

sn_my_app scope -> False

146. If can create is checked and allowed configurations on table, what are the other operations can be performed -> (Ans. create, update, delete)

147. * and none can never be used together -> False

148. Workflows are auto saved -> True

149. Enforcing requires authorized access by admin

150. Use of override application menu in modules (IMP)

151. Filed level ACLS have higher priority than * -> True

152. Service-now can be used to (Ans. a, b, c, d)

a. Generate Reports

b. Automate Workflows

c. Work with Relational Databases

d. Extend value of service-now

153. Whenever an event is triggered, email notification is sent to user everytime -> False

154. Custom applications are automatically added to application navigator ->


155. Which of the following is not used to retrieve data from table?


b. Table.field 

c. Table.*

d. Table.none

156. Glider user (g_user) is used in Client scripts and ui policies only

157. ACL searches order go from most specific to most generic match

158. Which option is not available in application access tab -> (Ans. Query)

159. Endpoint? -> (Ans. The url of the data to be retrieved, updated or 


160. Catalog ui policies and catalog client scripts are to enhance the user 

experience (record producer service catalog) (IMP)

161. Logical grouping of fields is known as Sections

162. Green with check mark - access control passed

163. What are available in global scope (Ans. a, b)

a. Automated test framework

b. Source control

164. What prevents users from logging into the service now user interface? (Ans. Web service access only)

165. Home Page?

166. Record Producer?

167. Web Services?

168. REST API Explorer?

169. Module?

170. Service Now good fit and bad fit points. (IMP

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