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ServiceNow CAD- Certified Application Developer Certification Exam Syllabus 2024 || MNC Answers

ServiceNow CAD- Certified Application Developer Certification Exam Syllabus 2024  || MNC Answers

To accomplish the expert assignment of ServiceNow Ensured Application Engineer from the ServiceNow, up-and-comers should clear the computer aided design Test with the base cut-off score. For the people who wish to pass the ServiceNow Application Engineer confirmation test with great rate, kindly investigate the accompanying reference archive specifying what ought to be remembered for ServiceNow Application Designer Test arrangement.

The ServiceNow computer aided design Test Outline, Assemblage of Information (BOK), Test Question Bank and Practice Test give the premise to the genuine ServiceNow Affirmed Application Engineer (computer aided design) test. We have planned these assets to assist you with preparing to take ServiceNow Affirmed Application Engineer (computer aided design) test. In the event that you have pursued the choice to turn into a confirmed proficient, we recommend you take approved preparing and plan with our internet based premium ServiceNow Application Designer Practice Test to accomplish the best outcome.

ServiceNow CAD Exam Summary:

 Exam Name

ServiceNow Certified Application Developer

 Exam Code


 Exam Fee

USD $300

 Exam Duration

130 Minutes

 Number of Questions


 Passing Score

Pass / Fail


Multiple Choice Questions

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ServiceNow Application Developer Syllabus Topics:




 Designing and Creating an   Application

- Determine if an application is a good fir with ServiceNow

- Design and implement a data model

- Create modules

- Use Application scope


 Application User Interface

- Create, design, and customize forms

- Add/Remove fields from forms and tables

- Write, test, and debug client-side scripts for desktop

- Write, test, and debug server-side scripts

- Use a Record Producer as an application's UI


 Security and Restricting   Access

- Restrict access to applications and application modules

- Manually and automatically create, test, and debug Access Controls

- Use Glide System methods to script security

- Use Application Scope to protect application artifacts


 Application Automation

- Write, test, and debug Workflow and Flow Designer

- Create and use Application Properties

- Create Events, Scheduled Script Executions (Scheduled Jobs), and Utils (application) Script Includes

- Send and receive email

- Design and create homepages and reports


 Working with External Data

- Import data in CSV or Excel format

- Integrate to, including testing and debugging, an external data source using REST


 Managing Applications

- Download and install applications

- Use Delegated Development to manage source code and code review

- Use the ServiceNow Git integration to manage source code


Preparation Tips

- Gain practical experience through hands-on training

- Practice with real-world scenarios and ServiceNow Application Developer concepts

- Utilize practice exams for self-assessment

- Focus on understanding techniques rather than rote memorization

- Ensure familiarity with practical application of concepts to enhance retention

- Leverage ServiceNow Git integration for source code management

To study for the ServiceNow Certified Application Developer (CAD) exam, you can utilize a combination of online resources, official ServiceNow documentation, training courses, and practical experience. Here are some recommended places to study:

1. **Official ServiceNow Documentation:**
- Access the [official ServiceNow documentation] to learn about various features and functionalities.
- The documentation is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the ServiceNow platform.

2. **ServiceNow Training and Certification:**
- Enroll in official ServiceNow training courses specifically designed for the CAD exam.
- ServiceNow offers various training paths, including those for application development. Visit the [ServiceNow Training website] for available courses.

3. **ServiceNow Community:**
- Join the [ServiceNow Community] to engage with other developers, ask questions, and participate in discussions.
- The community forums are a valuable resource for learning from the experiences of others and staying updated on platform-related topics.

4. **Online Learning Platforms:**

- Explore online learning platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, or LinkedIn Learning for ServiceNow courses.
- Look for courses that specifically cover ServiceNow application development and are aligned with the CAD exam objectives.

5. **ServiceNow Practice Exams:**

- Take advantage of practice exams provided by ServiceNow. These exams can help you assess your knowledge and identify areas that require further study.
- ServiceNow typically offers practice exams as part of their certification preparation resources.

6. **Hands-On Experience:**
- Set up a personal instance or use a ServiceNow developer instance to gain hands-on experience.
- Practice designing applications, customizing forms, implementing security controls, and automating processes on the ServiceNow platform.

7. **Books and Online Resources:**
- Explore books and online resources dedicated to ServiceNow application development.
- Look for materials that cover relevant topics and provide practical examples.

8. **ServiceNow YouTube Channel:**
- Visit the [ServiceNow YouTube channel] for video tutorials and demonstrations.
- Video content can be a helpful supplement to your study materials.

9. **Networking Events and Webinars:**

- Attend ServiceNow-related networking events, webinars, and conferences.
- These events can provide insights into best practices, industry trends, and real-world applications of ServiceNow.

10. **Peer Learning:**
- Collaborate with peers who are also preparing for the CAD exam.
- Form study groups, share resources, and discuss challenging topics together.

Remember to tailor your study plan based on your learning preferences and schedule. Combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience is key to success in the ServiceNow CAD exam.

Both ServiceNow and veterans who’ve earned multiple certifications maintain that the best preparation for a ServiceNow CAD professional certification exam is practical experience, hands-on training and practice exam. This is the most effective way to gain in-depth understanding of ServiceNow Application Developer concepts. When you understand techniques, it helps you retain ServiceNow Application Developer knowledge and recall that when needed.

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