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Regression Analysis MCQs Solution | TCS Fresco Play

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1. What is the value of the estimated coef for variable RM ?

9.1021  --  Correct

2. What is the value of the constant term ?

-34.6706  --  Correct

3. What is the adjusted R sq value ?

0.483  --  Correct

4. What is the value of R sq ?

0.484  --  Correct

5. How many observations are there in the dataset ?

506  --  Correct


6. Perform a correlation among all the independent variables . What is the correlation between variables NOX and DIS ?

-0.76923  --  Correct

7. What is the P>|t| value for the 'INDUS' variable ?

0.731  --  Correct

8. What is the standard error for the constant term ?

5.104  --  Correct

9. What is the value of the estimated coef for the constant term ?

36.4911  --  Correct

10. what is the value of R sq ?

0.741  --  Correct


11. Regression can show causal relationship between two variables.

False  --  Correct

12. In Multi Variable regression you predict one variable using more than one variable

True  --  Correct

13. The SSE depends on the number of observations in the data set

True  --  Correct

14. __________ means predicting one variable from another.

Regress  --  Correct

15. What is the process of removing the mean and dividing the value by the standard deviation

Standatdization  --  Correct

16. __________ is a unit less quantity

R Square  --  Correct

17. When two or more variables are correlated in a Multiple Regression Model , it is called as ____________

Multi Collinearity  --  Correct

18. What is the process of rescaling the values in the range [0,1]

Normalization  --  Correct

19. What is the formula for root means square error ?

sqrt(SSE/n)  --  Correct

20. It is advised to omit a term that is highly correlated with another while fitting a Multiple Regression Model

True  --  Correct

21. When more variables are added in Multi Variable Regression the marginal improvement decreases as each variable is added. This term is called ?

Law of Diminishing Returns  --  Correct

22. R Square Value can be greater than zero

False  --  Correct

23. Arithmetic Mean can be used as a prediction measure.

True  --  Correct

24. What is the sum of standard error for the baseline model ?

SST  --  Correct

25. SSE is _________ for the Line of Best Fit and _______ for the baseline model

Small , Big  --  Correct

26. It is advised to go for a simpler model while fitting multiple regression for a dataset

True  --  Correct

27. What is the term that represents the difference between actual and predicted value called ?

Residual  --  Correct

28. What is the basic property of the model of best fit ?

Minimize Error  --  Correct

29. By adding multiple variables in Multi Variable Regression , the model accuracy _____________

Increases  --  Correct

30. Sum of Squared error is a measure of standard for a Regression Line

True  --  Correct

31. What is the good range of correlation values to include in the regression model

-0.7 to + 0.7  --  Correct

32. What is the quantity that measures the strength of relationship between two variables ?

Correlation  --  Correct

33. pr(>|t|) term signifies how likely the estimated value is zero

True  --  Correct

34. It is OK to discard theoretical considerations for Statistical Measures

False  --  Correct

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